Here are some testimonials from our readers:

 Amazon Review by Red Raven

A Journey Worth Taking…Breathtaking photos draw you in, timeless quotes move you one step closer to the wholeness of who you already are.”

“A Fresh Way Of Seeing – The father/daughter creative team of Peter and Marissa O’Neil have given the world a valuable gift in Coastal Inspirations. Their beautifully crafted words and images bring us an insightful invitation to be fully present, to look around and raise our awareness – not just of the abundant beauty that constantly surrounds us – but also of the profound comfort and clarity that’s waiting for us just beyond the noise and distractions of everyday life. This book is an express ticket to what Herman Melville called your “own insular Tahiti” – a private paradise of reflection. Own it. Cherish it. Share it!”

Amazon Review by pthomas

Excellent! – This is not just a book but an agent for healing and meaningful change. Peter O’Neil’s photos paired with quotes got me through one of the most challenging times in my life. There is something so deep and soulful about the photographs. He doesn’t use digital manipulation but, rather he relies on the artistry of manipulating the camera settings and following the light. Gems like this are hard to find – the pictures hop from the page and take you right to the moment. It also makes a perfect gift for anyone who needs an uplifting word or to just gaze at the peaceful tranquility that the coast can bring. I’m very grateful to have found it!

Amazon Review by Catherine

INSPIRING!Coastal Inspirations ~ Drawing Meaning and Beauty from the Sea is an exquisite compilation of thought provoking quotes along with captivating photos of the ocean and its surrounding environment from a father and daughter perspective! This coffee table perfect companion takes you into a wondrous inner journey in much the same way looking into a kaleidoscope does! As everyone sees something different because the images, impressions, and feelings evoked are constantly shifting based on our unique perceptions, notions and life experiences. The photographs immediately rapture all your senses and the quotes evoke deep self-introspection. It will inspire you to appreciate nature, each moment, and to begin to see the details of your ordinary life in extraordinary ways! Because when you choose to stop for a moment to just look around you, with a magnified awareness, or with what I call inner spiritual lenses ~ you begin to capture the beauty within each moment, and its many gifts with deeper appreciation, greater clarity and amazing grace! Experience it for yourself! and Gift it to a friend!

Amazon Review by Laura Atchison

“Find yourself by spending time in this bookWhy the title of this review? When I first saw this book before it was released I felt the power of it. Having spent time with it now, I understand the deeper value of it. This father daughter team has put together a perfect harmony of visuals and words that, when you spend time with them, unlock a peace and certainty of who we are and better yet who we can become. At least that is how the book makes me feel. Just spending a few moments each day with one image and one quote, my favorites are on page 90, 89, 50, 15, 42.. Well each day something new can be learned by just reading and being with the quote and picture. Each day I have a new favorite that seems to be perfect for my day. I think I am going to use this book to start a bit of a daily meditation.

The stress of the day seems to fall away when I allow myself the time to just be with the book. The photographs are so beautiful I can almost smell and feel them. Thank you Marissa and Peter for putting this book so I can be at the coast even when I cannot physically get there. I just ordered a copy and will consider it as gifts for friends and family as well.

“StunningThe O’Neils have captured the magic and allure of the coast in this breath taking and moving picture book. The inspirational quotes perfectly underscore the stunning imagery. This father & daughter duo are thought provoking in their delivery, pulling at your heart strings. Most enjoyable and worthy for your coffee table.”

“Captivating Pictures and Phenomenal Quotes”

“I met an old, beach security guard on the island of St. John a few years back. He shared the most profound words of wisdom. When I asked what book he had read or what course he had taken to learn those words he answered, “None, I just listened to the sea.” Coastal Inspirations reminds me of that man. The beauty of the sea has brought not just timeless wisdom to this book, but the most amazing photography! I found myself drawn to the pictures, then when I read the quotes, most of them gave me goosebumps. I feel that only happens when I my soul is moved.

This is a book to always keep a copy for yourself, however, so often we are at a loss what to give for a gift…Coastal Inspirations will do just that! In fact, my favorite quote is within the book: “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than the things you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade wind in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” – Mark Twain

Thank you for this gift! I know, if I make it a daily practice to read a quote from Coastal Inspirations, I will keep the wind in MY sails.”