Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire you to look within yourself and re-discover what brings you alive.  Too often we lose sight of our authentic selves and choose to ignore the path less traveled for fear of failure, social rejection or uncertainty.  Coastal Inspirations is here to remind you of your true purpose in life and provide you with the strength, courage and inspiration to pursue your dreams.


Our Story

Have you ever woken up and not recognized your life?  Have you ever questioned who you are and if you’re on the right path?

Coastal Inspirations has changed my life both personally and professionally.  The creation process of the book entailed spending numerous hours with quotes that evoked inspiration, courage, and self reflection, giving me permission to question my life and the legacy of my being.  The healing quality from the photographs brought me peace, serenity and strength, reminding me of how precious life is and the importance of living each moment to the fullest.  Before working on the book, I was at a place in my life where I couldn’t wait for the weekend to come because that meant I was “free”.  Free from being a slave to my work.  No one should ever have to live their life like this, unfortunately too many of us do.  Spending copious time with the photographs and quotes empowered me to see life differently and be present in the moment.  The beauty from these messages saved me from living out of obligations and awakened permission to appreciate and seek real meaning and fulfillment in life.

Marissa’s invitation to publish a book together was a wonderful invitation for a father.  Searching, winnowing, pairing images and quotes, and selecting a flow to the book in such an intense way provoked conflicts between words and actions, initiating a process to close the gap and look at new possibilities beyond the status quo.  This process continues today about where to live and what types of work hold significance and worth.  Instead of pursuing a comfortable and stable corporate career, we’ve both discovered a more fulfilling path aligned with our true calling.  Our journey together, inspired by the photographs and quotes, has empowered us to heal our past, have faith in uncertainty, and create the life of our dreams.

As a father and daughter team, our intention is to awaken people’s consciousness and see the world through a new lens.  What if we all lived our true purpose in life?  What if we all re-discovered our authentic self, our true talents, and pursued them passionately?  We both, in our own way, lost ourselves to the daily grind, social expectations, and cultural norms.  Collaborating on this book transformed and empowered us to refocus on our creative, artistic and risk taking selves.  We invite you to join us on this quest to aligning ourselves with our true purpose.

Welcome to our family!